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Our approach to sustainability includes a commitment by Staffgroup to behave responsibly and contribute to economic development whilst improving the quality of life for our people and contributing to the communities in which we operate. We recognise that our social, economic and environmental responsibilities are integral to achieving our group mission; to improve society person by person.

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Staffgroup’s ambition is to become the first CO2 neutral recruitment company in the market. We want to use our influence and network to make a contribution to the fight against climate change.

We are active members of the ‘Leaders for Climate Action’ association to support in reducing our carbon footprint further. We are working sustainably in our forward-thinking specialist areas to implement changes swiftly and efficiently. With the assistance of ‘Leaders for Climate Action’ and our Climate Officer, we are measuring our footprint, continuously reducing and compensating for the rest.

Measures We Have Taken:

  • Remove carbon emissions that we can’t reduce
  • Measure & understand our full scope carbon footprint
  • Power offices with 100% renewable energy
  • Creation of a responsible business travel policy
  • Implemented a sustainable business model
  • Compensated our CO2 footprint with sustainable projects
  • Member of Leaders for Climate Action
  • Changed business cards to be electronic rather than paper
  • Switched everyone’s search engines to Ecosia
  • Implemented a sustainable business model
  • Plant a tree for every business anniversary
  • Replaced all stationary with sustainable products
  • Changed employee onboarding gifts to be a branded sustainable bag to reduce single use plastic, along with a reusable coffee cup and water bottle.

This ambition shapes our ethical, corporate culture and encourages our employees, candidates and clients to think and act in a climate-friendly way.

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Staffgroup is committed to ensuring that business and service is carried out in accordance with rigorous ethical, professional and legal standards.

We believe in a society united by shared opportunities, where everyone can maximise their potential, find fulfilment and live meaningful lives. We want to ensure that when we make profit, society profits with us. When we grow, we can create better opportunities, fund more good initiatives and make positive change.

Employers Network for  Equality and Inclusion

We are a global partner of the Employers Network for Equality and
Inclusion (ENEI). The ENEI is the leading employer network covering all aspects of equality and inclusion in the workplace.
They are a non for profit charity organisation with a diverse range of
international members.

The ENEI offers Staffgroup support and empowers us to improve processes, training and culture. Ultimately, guiding us to become a truly diverse and inclusive business.

We believe in prosperity for all – every person should have access to equal opportunities, financial security and the chance to enjoy true prosperity. We’re providing people with the support and resources to enjoy good health, feel secure, and reach their potential.

We aren’t transactional – All business is built on contracts to ensure an exchange of value that everyone agrees on. But this isn’t enough. We aim to develop authentic relationships with all our stakeholders. We believe partnership takes precedence over transaction.


  • Having worked with multiple tech recruiters and run my own search organisation, Staffgroup is by far the best tech recruiter in the UK if not Europe.

    Will Maunder-Taylor, Growth Lead, EMEA at SparkBeyond

  • A seasoned expert in supporting businesses to build teams, Staffgroup helped us to grow an award-winning development team.

    Frances Ritson, Chief Of Staff at Infogrid



Our hiring teams specialise in, and stay up to date with, their individual regions, markets, technologies and contracts.

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