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In Todays Expert Update we caught up with Matias Tischler, HR Recrutiment Specialist for our new HR vertical at Staffgroup in Berlin. Find out more about him and his future plans in the interview.
Please introduce yourself. 

My name is Matias Tischler, I was born and raised in Argentina (you had probably not imagined that one coming, right?), and I work in Staffgroup’s Berlin HQ developing our most recent business unit across europe: HR.  As a recruitment consultant, I provide advice and recruit people that, in short, are responsible for managing the entire employee life cycle. These roles include; Employer Branding, Compensation & Benefits, People & Culture, Rewards, Diversity & Inclusion, Talent Acquisition, Learning & Development, HR-Data, Labor Relations, Business Partners, as well as generalist HR roles,  all across the seniority pyramid.


So you’re from Argentina! Why did you choose to move to Germany?

I have always had a great interest towards living abroad; this was definitely intensified after concluding an Erasmus experience in Canada during my studies.

Back in 2011, I did a short but intensive German course in München, which definitely set my bond with Germany. Having then finished my studies and obtained work experience in Buenos Aires, I was certain I wanted to live in a country with a different cultural mindset. I booked a one-way flight to Berlin without knowing what would come and here I am!


What differences are there in the recruitment consultancy market between Argentina and Europe, if any?

Excellent question. In terms of HR people, there are no substantial distinctions as the roles are similar, not only across markets but also across industries (of course with natural exceptions, such as working with work councils). The clear differences between both markets are compensation & benefits and diversity & inclusion. With regards to compensation & benefits, Argentina is a country with particular economics. There are great people leading compensation and benefits teams, which in some cases includes relations with working unions. This can often be scaled further than the European counterparts. When it comes to diversity and inclusion, it is particularly interesting to note how some multinational corporations with branches in Argentina preach the same global practices across all country offices. However, many local SMEs still need to catch up in this matter, and I definitely look forward to seeing it in the near future.


What are you focussing on at the moment? 

There are three projects that I’m carrying out along my usual consultancy scopes: developing a Spanish-speaking network, a Tech-TA network, and researching every company in the Berlin start-up scene, inside-out. On the first two, it is important to mention how networking positively impacts people’s lives, particularly in terms of awareness. Therefore, participation in HR-related events, surveys and interviews empower everyone involved. With regards to the Berlin start-up scene, even though we have a European approach, it is of personal interest to me to be a recognised consultant advising start-ups in their employee lifecycle where I’m currently based. This means, getting to know not only the Talent Acquisition professionals but also HRMs, Directors and CPOs.


As a recruiter, what weight do you place on a candidate’s LinkedIn profile?

LinkedIn is a great place to network and boost your personal  brand image and reputation. However, I believe that the interpersonal/soft skills are key skills to have, which can only be appreciated when speaking with a potential candidate, client or colleague verbally.


To find out more about our brand new HR Vertical visit our specialisms page here!

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